Photo by Andrew Garver

PSW4 - Guitar and Vocal Recording Intensive

This two-day workshop concentrates on recording techniques for guitars, bass, and vocals.  Keying again on the importance of source material, PSW4 starts with the basics of getting great guitar and bass tones with topics like:

  • Anatomy of a Guitar/Bass Rig
  • Signal Chain
  • Pickups
  • Strings
  • Tuning and Intonation
  • Amplifiers
  • Gain Stages
  • Cabinets
  • Speakers
  • Impedance
  • Effects
  • D.I.

Then it is time for each student to learn and experiment with various recording techniques with a live guitar player using a variety of amps and setups.  Recording topics include:

  • Large Room vs. Small Room
  • Live Room vs. Dead Room
  • Hi Gain vs. Low Gain
  • Isolation
  • Microphone Selection and Placement
  • Close Mics
  • Room Mics
  • On/Off Axis
  • Multiple Mics
  • Splitting to Multiple Cabinets
  • Phase Coherency
  • Building an Input Chain
  • Recording With Effects

Finally, this workshop wraps up with an in-depth discussion of recording vocals.  To make sure you get the most from your singer, this discussion is based partly on the technical aspects of vocal recording, and partly on the psychological elements of creating a comfortable and inspiring singing environment.  Students will again have a chance to experiment with various techniques.  Topics include:

  • Microphone Selection and Placement
  • Using Multiple Microphones
  • Building an Input Chain
  • The Vocal Room
  • Proximity Effect
  • On/Off Axis
  • Building a Monitor Mix
  • Monitoring with Effects
  • Finding a Singer's Comfort Zone