PSW Presents: Music for TV

We are excited for this next installment in our PSW Presents series.  The workshop is July 25th and 26th, 2015, and will be led by the outstanding duo of Doug Bossi and Tony Phillips.  Doug and Tony will be tackling 2 days worth of topics from music creation, to mixing, to placement, to performance tracking, to getting paid.  This should be a very informative 2 days on the creative, technical, and business sides of this massive topic.  Come figure out how to give your music the best chance of success, get it out there, and get paid!!

Doug Bossi is an accomplished guitarist/composer/producer, and is the founder of iSpy Music.  Doug founded iSpy in 2009 with an amazing team of talented composers who specialize in a variety of musical styles.  To date, iSpy has composed several thousand hours of music for TV shows (see and collectively, iSpy has composed more than 30,000 unique pieces of music.  iSpy has supplied music to all 4 of the major networks plus Discovery, Food Network, History, CNN, Gameshow Network, FTV, Lifetime, Spike, Bravo and the list goes on.

Tony Phillips is a mixing engineer and composer who spent many years mixing records for the likes of Joni Mitchell, Seal, and The Pretenders (to name a few).  Since transitioning to composing for television, Tony has written, recorded and mixed music and title themes for hit shows such as Deal Or No Deal and Extreme Home Makeover.  Tony is also a composer for, and regular contributor to iSpy music.  Tony brings his years of working with major recording artists to the modern world of composing music for television.

Whether you are new to this world, or you have some experience but want to up your game, these are the guys to talk to.  It’s time to get your music out of the bedroom and onto the TV screen.  Also, iSpy is always looking for composers, so there will be an opportunity for Doug and Tony to check out some of your music at the end of the workshop.  Who knows where that could lead!!

The Early Registration price for the 2-day workshop is $800, and the Early Registration deadline is July 4, 2015.  The price goes up to $900 after that, so be sure to get in early!!  If you’ve got questions, use the Contact PSW tab.