"Joe and Chad compacted years of traditional studio knowledge into a cool 2-day seminar covering all aspects of the material.  I learned more over a weekend than the last 2 years, all in a rockin', real world environment.  Highly recommended!"   -Doug Bossi PSW3, PSW4, PSW6


"I can't tell you how much these classes have changed what I do!"  -Anthony Mazza PSW2, PSW6


"As a self-taught engineer/producer it was priceless to be able to pick the brains of 2 pros with some amazing credits between them. Highly recommended!"  -Jay Condiotti PSW3, PSW4, PSW6


"Gentlemen,  Just wanted to take a second to extend my personal thanks again for what was both a humbling and profoundly educational experience! You guys were absolutely incredible insofar as your knowledge, professionalism and approach to conveying huge amounts of technical, mechanical, practical, artistic and even psychological approaches to the process of recording!  I was literally floored by your cumulative base of knowledge.  Your generosity with that knowledge and approachability were unsurpassable!
   If anyone out there has ever imagined what it would be like to share two incredible days with two multi-platinum producers who also amazingly happen to be extraordinarily cool, I can only convey that dollar for dollar, it would be impossilbe for me to even imagine a better educational  opportunity than ProSound Workshop!!!!
   I could go on and on about what an incredible and educational experience this was, but really just want to close by shouting to the world "PROSOUNDWORKSHOP  RULES!!!!!"  -Michael Angeloff PSW4